Ricardo and I arrived in Vanderhoof, BC, tonight at 6:30 PM.  Over 1100 miles distant from Whitehorse, Yukon.  Eleven hundred miles through pristine forests, over hills and mountains, past literally hundreds of beautiful lakes (all filled with fish), past many moose and black bears..............and much of the time riding in the rain.

Friday afternoon Ricardo's bike was ready by 1:00 PM so we departed for Watson Lake' some 298 miles to the east down the Alaska Highway.  Over several areas where workers are quickly making repairs to the washed our parts of the Alaska Highway.  Temperatures warm and the skies were clear.  By 6:00 PM we were back with Mike at the Air Force Lodge.

Saturday morning we were off down the Cassiar Highway, the road I think is the most beautiful of this adventure.  The day started with clear skies and moderate temperatures.  Beautiful forests and scores of raging rivers....the occasional moose or black bear and even one "golden retriever bear" ( a species known only by Ricardo).  Three hundred sixty miles down the Cassiar, we suddenly decided to detour 40 miles down Hwy 37A to Stewart, BC and on into Hyder, Alaska, USA.  A beautiful ride, past glaciers and 10 foot high snow banks. Hyder, the southernmost town in Alaska that one can reach by road.  Hyder, only dirt roads, a couple of campgrounds, two restaurants and four bars.  Home to less than 100 hardy souls for much of the year but literally hundreds in July when the salmon come up the river to spawn.  It is then that bears for miles come to feast on the salmon and tourists flock in to photograph the feeding frenzy.

Hyder, a town known for its racous drinking establishments and drunken debauchery.  Hyder, where the welcoming sign urges you to "GET HYDERIZED while in Hyder". A town with no police and no governing body.   If you haven't been there, don't go!

Finally departing Hyder this morning at 9:30  AM, we rode back 4 KMs to Stewart, BC, Canada.  A quiet and neat small town with at least four nice restaurants.  Ricardo and I enjoyed a nice breakfast and then headed south towards Prince George.  Rain, wet rain and cold but great roads and nice people.  Three hundred seventy milkes down the road and we have stopped at Vanderhoof, BC to dry out and to warm up. 

Monday morning, we will head south towards the United States.  I am not sure when we will arrive at the border but we plan to be in the San Juan Islands of Washington by Tuesday afternoon.