Hot?  Miserable!  over 100 degrees F much of the day.  And Moab, the beauty of the red rock mountains also holds the heat.  It was so hot Ricardo and I were dizzy.  We tried to keep going but finally gave it up and stopped at a nice Super 8 motel in Cortez, Colorado for the night.
Air conditioning and a warm (cool) shower!  Can life get any better.

Tomorrow we are riding at 6:30 AM, hoping to beat the heat.  Two hundred sixty miles to Taos, we will try to be there by noon.  Two days in Taos and then we are off 75 miles to Santa Fe.  I am particularly looking forward to Santa Fe, where we will meet my old friends, Bonnie and Larry Beall.  It was with Larry that I first traveled to Alaska over twenty years ago.

Early to bed tonight.  The heat has "zonked" me!