Ricardo and I arrived in Taos Sunday, slightly after lunch.  Quickly checking into Days Inn, the same motel we stayed in two years ago, we were on the "plaza" early.  Beautiful surroundings, great cafes, and beautiful people.  It was a relaxing afternoon.  To bed early, we planned a relaxing ride to Santa Fe Monday.

Up early, packed and on the BMW by 9:00 AM, I hit the starter.  Nothing!  Not even a click.  Now what?  It seemed apparent that the switch that makes sure the bike will not start with the sidestand down had malfunctioned.  What to do?  no BMW shop near and no motorcycle shop open.  Luckily, I  called Richard Pettit, a long time motorcycle enthusiast who seemed to know a lot about BMW GSs.  And my luck continued  Richard hopped in his truck and within 30 minutes placed a bypass around the faulty switch and had the BMW starting perfectly.

Ninety minutes later, Ricardo and I arrived in Santa Fe.  A stroll around the plaza and then on to dinner.  My friends Bonnie and Larry Beall drove up from Albuquerque to join us.  A delightful dinner at Zia's Diner and a great time renewing old friendship.  The evening was perfect.

Today I awoke feeling under the weather!  I have had a badly stopped up ear for five weeks now and today, it was worse.  I spent the entire morning sitting on a bench in the plaza while Ricardo walked the historic area.  By early afternoon I was able to join my friend in enjoying this, the oldest state capitol in the United States.

And tomorrow, the 4th of July?  We are not sure.  I suspect we will decide in the morning.