Finally leaving Santa Fe today, Ricardo and I rode southeast.  Down through Madrid, over a 14 mile dirt road shortcut with a stop for fuel at Clines Corner---this is a ride that I have done before and I love it!  Catching Hwy 285 South, we were fighting the hot dry desert and fierce winds heading to Roswell, New Mexico.  The aliens were calling us!

Roswell, known for UFO sightings and aliens roaming the populace!  This began with a local rancher's sighting and report of an object that crashed in the general vicinity of Roswell, New Mexico in June or July 1947, allegedly an extra-terrestrial spacecraft and its alien occupants. Since the late 1970s the incident has been the subject of intense publicity and interest among conspiracy believers.. The U.S. Government maintains that what was recovered was debris from an experimental high-altitude surveillance balloon belonging to a classified project program.  However, others maintain that an UFO craft was found, its occupants captured, and that the military then engaged in a cover-up. The incident has turned into a  UFO phenomenon, making the name Roswell synonymous with UFOs. It ranks as the most publicized and controversial of alleged UFO incidents.

Yes!  It is to Roswell that Ricardo and I traveled today.  Actually, we also visited Roswell two years ago,  Ricardo is a believer!  Today he and I visited the UFO museum in the heart of Roswell,  Surprisingly, the museum was packed with very nice and seemingly intelligent visitors.  A family from Chihauhau, MX, a couple from France and a professor from Portugal,,,and yes, a coffee grower from Costa Rica.  It is clear that this city and it's UFO history have international appeal. 

Tonight we are staying in Roswell.  I hope the aliens let me sleep.  Tomorrow we will explore more of southeastern New Mexico and then head for San Angelo, Texas.  San Angelo, home of Concho Lake, Nasworthy Lake and Goodfellow AFB.  San Angelo, my home for several months some 50 or so years ago.