Friday morning Ricardo and I awoke late.  The beautiful Martian lady  aliens knocked at our door all night.  Finally at 9:00 AM we rode out, heading east on Hwy 380.  Running at the speed limit of 65 MPH we rode past green fields and pine trees enjoying the cool morning.  Suddenly the speed limit jumped to 75 MPH, a 1972 Cadillac convertible sped past us, the temperature quickly jumped to 99 degrees F, the pine trees were replaced by pumpjacks in every direction.  We were back in Texas!

Not only back in Texas, but in the midst of the Permian Basin, one of the richest oil and gas fields in the Americas.  The sweet smell of crude oil filled the air.  Or was that just a feed lot I was smelling?  We were back in familiar country.  

On down the road, a stop at DQ, and we were approaching San Angelo.  San Angelo, the city where I attended a Conway Twitty concert while Conway was still a rock n roll singer.  San Angelo, where I frequented the Roundevous Drive In, with carhops in short shorts and on roller skates. Where the carhops legally could serve a cold Lone Star or Jax, maybe even a Falls City or PBR. San Angelo where a 19 year old GI fell in love with Texas.

But tonight our stop was at a Best Western, there would be no carhops in short shorts and instead of a cold Lone Star, I would have a Coke Zero.  But some 50 years later, I still have that same love for Texas.

Saturday morning we were off headed south to Sonoro, down Hwy 189 to Juno and to Comstock, Texas.  Comstock, a town with a population of 97 people, almost all of Mexican lineage.  Comstock, only a hundred or so yards from the Mexican border.  Comstock, bordered on the east by Presa Amistad,and on the west by the Sonoran desert.  And why Comstock?  Simply because the ladies of Comstock were serving fajita plates with strawberry and banana desserts.  Why?  To raise money to build a fence around the local cemetary.

Then, after lunch, we were headed east on Hwy 90, skirting the border headed to the La Quinta Inn in Del Rio.  The Del Rio La Quinta, I know I stay here six or seven times a year.  I simply love to ride this part of Texas.  Tonight Ricardo and I had smoked ribs and root beer and are back in the Inn watching the Coke Zero 400. 

And Sunday?  Temperatures will be over 100 Degrees F and Ricardo and I will be riding east to Eagle Pass, Carrizo Springs, on to Encinal, past Freer, Benevides, finally to Kingsville and home to Baffin Bay.  We should be home by 4:00 PM.

And today, the odometer reports we have traved 11,200 miles over the past six weeks.