Normally this blog is used only to record international trips--usually 10,000 miles or more. But this time I am making an exception.  Why?  So Brandon and Justin can ride along with their father (and my son) Wayne.  Yes, Wayne Weaver and I are off for a short ride.  Maybe 1500 miles--perhaps a bit further.  We will ride out from the Bay Sunday morning. The Spot has been replaced, so you can easily hit the "Find Me" button and see where we are at any time.
The Texas Hill Country, a turn or three into Mexico (maybe a ride over Presa Amistad), on down to Big Bend National Park (over 1200 miles of road in Big Bend and only 96 of those 1200 miles are paved).  And yes, a stop in Terlingua for a night, perhaps a month.  Terlingua, an old ghost town that now is home to about 225 aging hippies.  What is that sharp pungent smell in the air?

Then down the River Road, the most scenic ride in Texas.  A stop in Presidio for lunch at the Patio, then on across the border to  Ojinaga, Chiauhua, Mexico. We will continue south on Mexico Hwy 16 to the massive 2000 foot deep split in the stone mountain, the Peguis Canyon.

Finally heading back into Texas and a fast ride to the old ghost mining town of Shafter, then on to Marfa.  Marfa, a quaint and artistic city right at the foot of the Davis Mountains.  Marfa, home to the Marfa Lights, a natural phenomenon that has baffled man for hundreds of years.  Marfa, the location for that great movie "Giant", starring Elizabeth Taylor, James Dean and Rock Hudson.  Marfa, the location for much of Cormac Macarthy's  "No Country for Old Men", starring Tommy Lee Jones.  Marfa, home of the Judd Art Institute.  Yes, we must spend at least one night in Marfa.

Then where?  Maybe north to Fort Davis and a ride through the Davis Mountains to the McDonald Observatory.  Why?  I suppose because it is the one place in West Texas that I have not yet visited.

The weather will be nice.  Fall is here in West Texas.  Most days will have a high in the 80s and lows between 50 and sixty.  Rain?  I doubt it.

And our rides?  Wayne will be on the Goose, a 1993 BMW R100GSPD that has carried me to the far points of South and North America.  And I will be on the 2005 BMW R1200GS that I acquired from Gary Waters a couple years ago.  

Why is Wayne on the Goose, my favorite bike?  because the Goose has made this run three times before.  Wayne may not know the way but the Goose knows the roads well?