Ninety five degrees , warm, clear and a perfect day in South Texas.  Absolutely, but that was Saturday and not today!  The morning started early at 7:00 AM.  But a front had passed through in the early hours and the temperature had dropped to 58 degrees F.  The coldest temperatures that we have seen in South Texas since early March.  But Wayne and I were off, riding through very overcast clouds and the occasional light rain.  Cold, damp,  and cloudy but we were having a ball. 

Headed west past Kingsville, Benevides, Freer, Encinal, Carrizo Springs and on into Eagle Pass.  Riding right through the Eagle Ford Shale oil fields.  Past hundreds of recently drilled oil wells.  Past villages that two years ago were broke, mostly abandoned to slowly decay away.  But wait!  These same villages are now booming, filled with oil field workers and small businesses are popping up like weeds.  Small, aged farmers who only months ago were broke are now in the money, some actually millionaires.

Then suddenly we were past Eagle Pass headed on the final 55 miles to Del Rio.  The bikes running perfectly in the crisp weather, the weather may have been cold and damp, but the day was perfect.  Arriving in Del Rio mid afternoon, Wayne and I checked into my  main abode, the Del Rio La Quinta and quickly stashed our bags in the room.

Why?  Because we were off on another adventure, heading to Acuna, Coahuila, Mexico and then on to Presa Amistad. 

A boot shine, a tour of Acuna, and the bikes were suddenly off heading west through Acuna, out MX 2 through the industrial area, speeding towards Presa Amistad (in English, Lake Friendship).  Presa Amistad, a huge reservoir built jointly by Mexico and the United States in the late 1960s.  A reservoir of beauty and majesty that inhabits miles of both countries.  A lake that is renowned for its Largemouth Bass fishing and beautiful stone cliffs.  Wayne and I rode right across the dam, stopping twice.  ONce for photographs and again to present our passports to reenter the USA.

Then 30 minutes later, we were in Rudys enjoying Baby Back Ribs, Texas Briskeet, and banana pudding.  Now back in the La Quinta, Wayne is studying for an accounting exam and I am still thinking about today's ride.  And tomorrow?  The Pecos Canyon by 9:00 AM, Langtry, home of Roy Beene ( the hanging judge) by 10:00 AM, then off to Big Bend.  But wait!  We have to stop in Marathon, TX at the Gage Hotel.  As you know, the Gage is home to the finest eating establishment in Texas.