Riding west on Hwy 90 Monday morning, the weather was cool, cold, but clear.  The ride was great.  Both bikes were running perfectly.  By 9:00 AM we were at the Pecos Canyon overlook (see pictures) and were soon off for Langtry and the Judge Roy Bean Museum.  Judge Roy Bean, "The Hanging Judge" or "The Law West Of The Pecos".  Wayne seemed to enjoy it, spending almost an hour touring  the museum and taking photographs.  Shortly before lunch we were on the bikes heading to Marathon and the Gage Hotel.  A quick stop for lunch and we were headed south to the Park.  Sixty miles down the road and we were entering the  Big Bend National Park, one of the most beautiful areas of Texas.

First, a stop at Park Headquarters to register and get a Park Map, then we were on our way riding through the Park headed to the surreal settlement of Terlingua.  Arriving in Terlingua by 5:30 PM, we obtained a room at Easter Egg Valley, quickly unpacked and were back on the bikes headed to Ghost Town and the Starllte Theater, a first class saloon and restaurant.  Three hours later we were stuffed, satisfied and headed back to our rooms for the night.
Tuesday we were back in the Park to visit all the canyons, mesas, mountains and other sights.  And we did it all:  Rio Grande Village, Boquillas, The Lodge at Grand Basin, Santa Elena Canyon.......By 4:00 PM, we had ridden 190 miles in the Park and were heading down River Road to Lajitas.  A Quick stop at Lajitas and we were on the road again.  The River road, 50 miles of a motorcycle rider's delight.  high rises, sudden drops, with unexpected twists and turns, all in directions one never expected.  The bikes were howling, Wayne was having a ball and I was just out on a typical West Texas ride.  By 6:30 PM, we were in Presidio, the small West Texas town right on the Mexican border.  Quickly finding a room, we were in for the night.  Morning will come early and we will be off to Ojinaga Mexico.  To Ojinaga and then south on MX 16 towards Chihuahua.  Our destination, the beautiful Peguis Canyon.