Friday Morning, the weather was warm and clear and the bikes were humming along like finely tuned BMWs.  We were on a mission.  Get to Dilley, TX early so Moto Hank could have a look at the final drive on the R1200GS.  Soon we were in Crystal City, the self appointed "Spinach Capitol of the World".  And there he stood, Popeye waving at us.  Of course we had to stop for Wayne to have his picture taken with Popeye.

By 10:30 AM we were rolling up to Moto Hamk's shop in Dilley, TX.  After a quick inspection Hank decided that he needed to install a new oil seal in the final drive and also suggested that the bike needed new brake pads if I wanted to stop using my rear brakes.  Both were simple tasks for a master oil head technician like Hank.  But Hank was busy installing tired on a 2012 R1200GSA owned by Dennis Drake out of San Antonio.  Not problem Hank can muti-task.  But first, Lunch!  After all there were many adventures we had to relive.

Finally by 2:30 PM, we were back on the road, riding across Hwy 624, worn and mangled by the massive oil field traffic.  The weather was great, warn, not hot, and clear and we would soon be home.