Ricardo arrived in Corpus Christi  Friday, June 14.  We celebrated his birthday (58) yesterday and will shortly be departing Baffin Bay.  Our goal for today was to ride 350 miles to Galveston or Sabine Pass.  and yes, we did arrive in Galveston late this afternoon and decided to ride on to Winnie, Texas.  Arriving here near nightfall, we had a light dinner and Ricardo is in the pool floating like a rubber float.

Today's ride was good, hot but safe and beautiful.  We decided to take the coastal road all the way to Louisiana and we passed through many small beach and fishing cities.  Riding briskly some 365 miles, through Aransas Pass, Fulton, Port Lavaca, Matagorda, Freeport, Surfside Beach and finally to Galveston Island. 

  Tomorrow, we are off to Sabine Pass, then on south to the Louisiana swamps and bayous.  i am anxious to introduce Ricardo to the great Louisiana delicacy, sucking crawfish heads.  And me?  I think some crawfish etoufee  will be my order.