Monday morning went much as planned except for cold, rainy weather.  The rain first hit us in Louisville and was fierce at times.  Gaby was cold and I had a terrible time with my glasses fogging up,  In fact, it was a rather unsafe and throuighly miserable ride.  and such a shame because we rode down the Western Kentucky Parkway, past Rough River Reservoir, Between the Lakes State Park, Barkley Lake and Kentucky  Lake.  Certainly some of the most beautiful country in Kentucky.

Finally, about 2:00 PM, we crossed into Tennessee and the rain subsided.  At 5:15 PM we rolled up to the Memphis La Quinta Inn  (the one near Elvis Presley Blvd).  Of course Ricardo and Gaby had to do a quick visit to Graceland.  

having little interest in Graceland, I called old friends, Lester and Jo Ann and soon they were at the inn picking all of us up to head down to Beal Street, the Home of the Blues.  A beautiful walk down Beal Street, then dinner on a balcony overlooking Beal Street.  And what did we have?  BBQ Ribs, catfish, fried green tomatos with horseradish!

Soon it was to bed with a good book.   life is great!