We did not leave Memphis until 12:30  PM today.  Ricardo decided to treat Gaby to a tour of Graceland (which he first took two years ago).  Just as we were about to depart for Texas, I had a mishap with my glasses and had to visit an optician, who quickly saved the day.  
Finally we were on the road by 12:30 PM and had a pleasant ride 270 miles down the road to Texarkana, AR.  Back into a very nice La Quinta, Gaby and Ricardo are out in the pool cooling off.

We are still 600 miles from Baffin Bay.  My goal for tomorrow is to make it about 60 miles south of Houston.  Driving through Houston on the afternoon of July 3rd  will be a challenge.  With luck we should be in Riviera Beach by 1:00 PM on the Fourth of July.