At 8:20 AM July 3, we reentered Texas and made our way south on Hwy 59 to Victoria.  Riding in the cool, brisk morning we were in beautiful northeast Texas country.  Past small Texas towns like Marshall,  Nacodoches, Livingston and Lufkin. by mid morning the heat was felt and clouds were gathering.

Soon we were on the outskirts of Houston, the giant Texas city that I always fear.  Traffic, traffic, and a shower of light rain.  For 45 minutes we sped through the center of Houston at 75  miles an hour with three lanes, maybe four lanes of traffic trying to either cower or hit us.  By the time we stopped in Rosenberg, Gaby, Ricardo and Chuck were ready for rest, off the bikes.

Finally at 4:00 PM we reached El Campo, Texas, the home of El Campo Cycle Center.  This is always a mandatory stop.  Pamela and James own this wonderfully stocked Cycle Center.  Absolutely great people, James and Pamela stopped what they were doing to spend time with Gaby and Ricardo.  This Center has Hondas, Suzuki, Victory, Polaris and Yamahas.  Simply the finest dealership in Texas-----well, Cycle Rider in San Antonio is equally good,  so now I know two great shops.

Finally back on the road at 5:30 PM, we were only 56 miles from our motel in Victoris.  Riding fast, we covered the first 40 miles without incident but then suddenly we rode right into a Texas thunderstorm.  Thunder, lightning and a quick but fierce cold shower.  We just kept riding and soon dried off and arrived at our motel.  By noon tomorrow we will be back at my home on Baffin Bay.