The morning came early, nice and cool and slightly cloudy.  A perfect day to ride TX highway 170, The River  Road.  universally known as the best motorcycle road in Texas, the river road runs 67 miles along the Rio Grande, from Terlingua to Presidio.  Hilly, curvy, with frequent stops along the way, this beautiful ride has you looking to the left right into Mexico and on the right at big Bend Ranch State Park.  Even Ricardo thinks this is a great ride.

Taking our time we spent over two hours traveling south to Presidio, the  small, quaint town that shares the border with Ojinaga, Mexico.  Crossing the border without any delay or paperwork, we headed south on Mx 16, the beautiful mountain road that runs from Ojinaga to Chihuahua.  But no, we did not go all the way to Chihuahua!  About 30 miles up into the beautiful Sierra Carmen Mountains, we arrived at our destination.  The Peguis Canyon, the most spectacular river canyon in my experience.

A Mexican family was there marveling at the canyon and soon we were all talking back and forth.  Some Spanish, a little English and much "winking and nodding".  I love my time with these great Mexican People.  By 2:00 PM, we were on the bikes headed down the mountain and into the small Mexican city of Ojinaga.  An hour spent on the Plaza, a boot shine and we were back on the bikes crossing the border into the USA. 

Up the River Road, as thrilling as the first time I rode it some ten years ago, 90 minutes later we at our camp site at Maverick Ranch.  Right now Ricardo is in the pool.  Later, a light dinner.  Maybe a couple of cold cans of Beanee Weenees.

And tomorow, it has to be Big Bend National Park and Stilwell Ranch.