Ricardo and I prepared the bikes yesterday afternoon and rode out of Riviera Beach this morning before 7:00 AM.  Our destination?   The Texas Hill Country!  But first, a side trip to Dilley, Texas to see Moto Hank,  my BMW mechanic who keeps my BMWs running. Almost three hours spent running down Highway 624, through the Eagle Ford Shale fields.  What a spectacle, trucks running amuck, oil tanks everywhere, a frantic scene that resembles chaos.  

Finally arriving in Dilley, we pulled up to Moto Hanks to find Hank absent and the shop closed.  Why didn't I call for an appointment?  That would be too logical.  Ricardo and I filled up with gas and headed on to Utopia, Texas and the Lost Maple Cafe, home of the best pies in Texas.  Coconut Meringue pie and iced tea for lunch!  Then on up past Vanderpool to the Lome star Motorcycle Museum, home to 60 or so beautifully restored European vintage bikes.

Then we were off to Leakey, home to the Frio Canyon Motorcycle Stop where we spent an hour soaking up the motorcycle atmosphere.  Leakey, the gateway to the "Three Twisted Sisters", three roads (335, 336 and 336, about 30 miles each) that twist and turn through this very hilly and beautiful part of Texas.  The Twisted Sisters are dream rides for all Texas motorcyclists..

As the day faded we made our way back to Uvalde, where we are staying tonight.  As we rode into Uvalde a large sign indicated the temperature was 39 degrees celsius (102 F)..  The entire day was near 100 degrees F, a hot day to ride 580 kilometers.

Tomorrow?  The Three Twisted Sisters, of course.  and surely a BBQ sandwich at Garvins!