Breakfast in Uvalde, TX and we were on the bikes riding up Hwy 55, past Camp Wood and on to Rocksprings.  Rocksprings, a ranch town of about 1400 people in rocky and hilly Real County.  A stop for gas and air in my rear tire and then were off to ride Hwy 335, south from Hwy 41 to Hwy 337 in Camp wood.  This is one of the "Three Twisted Sisters", a winding two lane road that twists and turns up high and then dips low.  A beautiful ride that feels just like a massive roller coaster.  Past wild animals, a giraffe, bob cats, antelope and many deer.  thirty miles of grandeur!

Then headed down Hwy 337 to Leakey.  A stop at Frio Canyon Motorcycle Stop for water and a purchase or two and we were off riding 336 north towards Hwy 41.  Ricardo led the way over Twenty two miles of winding twists and turns.  Past canyons, rivers and by cliffs of beauty.  soon we were pulling into Garvens for a late lunch of BBQ-maybe the best sandwichs of this trip.  Then it was time to head down towards Hunt,TX crossing the Guadalupe River several times.  The Guadalupe, a beautiful, clear river that cuts it's way through these limestine canyons and hills of south Texas.

Tonight  we are in a nice Inn in Kerrvgille, TX.  Tomorrow we will head to Enchanted Rock near Llano, Tx and then ride to Fredericksburg, TX.  Fredericksburg, a beautiful town showing it's German ancestry.  Maybe a ham hock and kraut for lunch.  Then we will be off to Luckenbach, where we will spend the afternoon with "Willie, Waylon and the boys".