Sunday morning in the Texas hills, cool and clear and the bikes are running perfectly.  Ricardo and I are off to areas I have been riding for years.  First, 25 miles to Fredericksburg, the quaint German city that draws tourists from all of Texas and beyond.  Fredericksburg, with buildings being constructed mostly from pink granite which is mined locally.  Fredericksburg, a city of great German food and beer.

Then the bikes lunged some 25 miles away to the Enchanted Rock Natural Area.  Enchanted Rock, a solid mountain of round smooth granite rising over 450 feet from the ground floor and covering almost 600 acres.  A beautiful natural sight.  Then we were off to ride the Willow City Loop, a beautiful 28 miile ride through beautiful ranch and hunting hills.  

After a two hour stop in Fredericksburg, Luckenbach beckoned and we were off to this Texas hangout made famous in song by Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings.  Luckenbach, famous for it's music and dance hall  also offered Ricardo a chance to ride a huge Texas long horn bull.  You have to check the photographs to see Ricardo, the Latin Bull Rider.

A quick stop at a winery in Sisterdale and we made our way to a Popo's, a great restaurant near Welfare, TX.  A dinner of fried chicken, iced tea and deserts of Blue Bell ice cream and the largest piece of cheesecake i have ever seen.  Now, with night upon us, Ricardo and I are safely in a hotel outside of San Antonio.   Tomorrow?  Baffin Bay, here we come!