Eight hours and over two hundred miles, all spent touring Big Bend National Park!  Yes, Luis Diego and I enjoyed our day.  the views are breathtaking.  The mountains, majestic.  The desert all abloom with cacti and the wildlife, abundant.  jackrabbits, kangaroo rats, cottontails,  eagles and hawks, all challenging our rights to the roads.

Our stops were many!  Santa Elena Canyon, Castolon, Panther Junction, Boquilas Crossing and finally The Basin.  The Chisos Basin, certainly the most spectacular. The Basin, home to The Chisis Mountain Lodge and a great restaurant where we dined on salads and homemade chicken and dumplins.  Tonight we spent an hour or so in Terlingua Ghost Town and now are back in the Chisos  Mining Company Motel.

Tomorrow we will ride the River  Road, The best  motorcycle road in Texas.  Then cross the Border in Presidio and ride south into Chihuahua to the Canyon Del Peguis.  Maybe even spend an hour  or two in Ojinaga, MX, then head north to Marfa, TX, home to many fine art galleries and the Pesano Hotel.  The Pesano serve as home to James Dean, Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor during the filming of that great film  classic, Giant.   Where will we spend the night?  I am not sure, either Marfa or Ft. Davis.  After all Elizabeth will not be in town.

And Yes, I did post the photographs.