Our plan was to ride to Pecos before stopping tonight, but Ft. Davis beckoned.  We had a really full day today, first riding the challenging and scenic River Road that winds it's way southwest from Terlingua to Presidio, TX.  Of course it was then south into Mexico and down toward Chihuahua to the incredible Canyon Del Peguis.

Returning to the USA in mid afternoon, we headed to Marfa, only to stop long the way at the historic Milton Faver Ranch, established in 1855.  I had never end ventured into the ranch believing it to be totally private.  But this time we pointed our bikes up the caliche road, toward the mountains and "buzzed"  our way right through the gate.  Four miles up the road we passed over a hill and suddenly was looking at a totally restored fort and the most impressive Faver Hacienda.  Massive, historic, beautiful and certainly an incredible ranch house  All made open to Luis Diego and me, with a guided tour by Paula, who seemed to be the caretaker.  This unplanned detour is the highlight of our trip.

Finally reluctantly departing we rode the 30 miles to Marfa, the art scene of West Texas.  Of course, a visit io El Paisano Hotel was mandatory.  Later heading north, we found the friendly town of Fort Davis where we re bedded down for the night.  The local folks just Informed Luis Diego that the temperature would be freezing by morning.  We had decided to be in Santa Fe by tomorrow night but I just saw on the Wether Channel that snow was expected in Santa Fe tonight.  And neither Luis Diego nor I have cold weather riding gear.  We may have to get a late start.

And, yes it posted today's photographs.