Saturday Luis Diego and I spent our day riding in the Santa Fe area and watching the Kentucky Derby in the La Fonda Hotel in Santa Fe.  Perhaps more important was our visit to El Santuario de Chimayo. the beautiful and revered holy sanctuary built in 1856.  Later we rode  to the Indian village of Truches and visited with three remarkable young Native American children.  For a late lunch we stopped at the beautiful Casino, Buffalo Thunder. It was a great start to the day.
Next Luis Diego and I returned to Santa Fe where we once again visited many of the great sites (like the Cathedral of the Basilica and the Chapel at Loretto).  A great day!

Arising early this morning, we found the day a bit warmer and we were soon off to Taos. But first we had to visit the Rio Grande River Gorge and walk across the magnificent bridge that spans this deep and beautiful canyon.  If you look at the photographs we posted you will see the horned mountain sheep climbing the gorge.  Then we were off  to a  site about three miles from  the bridge, where there are several " Earthship Biotecture houses" occupied by a group of very creative free spirits that live life their own way.

Tomorrow Luis Diego will lead the way to the Taos Pueblo, a pueblo that has  served as home to many local Native Americans for over 1000 years.

Now you really should take a look at the photographs I posted tonight.  But be warned.  It will make you want to visit Taos!