Luis Diego and I were at the Taos Pueblo early Cinco de Mayo  and spent about 90 minutes touring this historical pueblo.  A Unesco World Heritage Site, the Taos Pueblo is over 1000 years old.  with no running water, electricity or television there are still several families living in this Pueblo.

Then we were off to the skiing and fishing village of Red River.  The ride there was beautiful, through the mountains of Kit Carson National Forest.  Over 3200 meters high mountain passes, hitting the brakes to avoid the numerous Big Horn Mountain was great.  Then on to Eagle Nest for fuel and finally to the alpine sky village of Angel Fire.  Before lunch we were back in Taos and took a scenic ride to Santa Fe where we had planned to spend the night.  

Luis Diego had an urge to visit Barnett Harley in El Paso.  Barnett is the largest Harley dealer in the world and Luis had to see it.  Over 600 new Harley's in one location, Luis was not going to miss this.  by 2:00 PM we were headed south to El Paso, TX.  Windy and hot, we were making good time and before dark stopped in Truth or Consequences,  NM for the night.  Tuesday will find us up early headed for Big Bend.  I might even visit Barnett NMW and have a new Heidenau mounted  on my BMW.  I don't like riding mountain roads with the patch in the rear tire.

Later today I will post photographs of the Taos Pueblo.