On the road for nine days, we have ridden 3400 kilometers.  Some days cold, some hot, all windy!  It has been a great ride. Luis Diego, my friend from Costa Rica, is a great traveling partner.  

 Today we passed a large (very large) dairy farm and Luis suddenly stopped, turned around to visit.  Over 11,000 head of cattle, all in massive feedlots.  You can imagine the smell.  Luis Diego was in his glory.  In Costa Rica he is a cattle and horse farmer so he was at home.  Luis visited for about 45 minutes and I suspect he will return there tomorrow.  But now we are headed to El Paso, TX

Then we are off to Barnett's Harley where Luis is browsing among hundreds of Harley's.  And Chuck? I am having a new rear tire installed.  Tonight we will spend the night in El Paso.  But first Luis Diego and I will visit Barnett Indian located down the street from their Harley location.

Later today we will do laundry and have dinner in a What-A-Burger, after all we are back in Texas.Tonight Luis Diego and I have to spend some time studying maps.  Tomorrow we will part ways.  Luis Diego will visit a dairy farm, ride to Winslow, Arizona, where he will ride Route 66 to Flagstaff, AZ and then on to Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National Parks.  And Chuck?  I will head back to Baffin Bay.  Yellowstone and Grand Canyon may be next year's ride.

When we crossed into Texas a few hours ago, there was a sign "Beaumont TX-901 miles".  Texas is a big state.  Luis will be carrying the Spot Messenger on with him, so you can track his travels.  As for me, I wii be invisible.  Yes!  I have posted the Taos Puebla photographs.