Up early, Ricardo and I had breakfast with Art Smiley and our M14 friends.  Soon we were on our bikes and headed out to Luis Diego's farm.  After some freshly squeezed Orange juice from freshly picked oranges, we were off to Limon.

Limon, Costa Rica's sole commercial port.  And what a port it is.  Filled with huge freighters from around the world, this is an vibrant port city.  The local Ticos are of either African or Chinese immigrants lured here to work on either the Chiquita banana plantations or the building of the railroads.  English is the predominant spoken language but with a Jamaycan lilt.  This is a unique Carribean city.

Soon Luis Diego headed south towards Sixaola and the border with Panama.  Down highway 36 right along the Atlantic coast.  Past small towns all with beautiful beaches.  Past huge beautiful banana plantations and within two hours, we arrived at the border with Panama.  And now whar?  Walk across the long deserted railroad bridge and into Panama.  But wait, I do not have my passport.  Don't worry no ones even goes to the official border crossing.  We will just walk across this old bridge and not clear customs.

Some quick shopping in Panama and we soon returned to Costa Rica and made the interesting trip back to Limon and on to our hotel in Siquerres.  A light dinner of pollo and frijoles and soon to bed since we have to be up at 5:30 AM.  Why?  Luis Diego has chartered a boat and fishing guide to take us out into the Atlantic for some Tarpon fishing.  With friends like this, I am enjoying a wonderful retirement.