Up at 5:45 AM for a 30 KM drive to the river marina of Canyon Blanco.  It was here that we would meet the 24 foot boat and guide who would take us down river and out into the Atlantic Ocean for a day of Tarpon fishing.  But first, a great ham and egg breakfast in an open air restaurant right by the river.  Life is great.

Twenty minutes later the captain was casting a line with small hooks and catching our bait.  Each cast hooked three or more small bait fish.  Then it was time to cast out the three lines for Tarpon.  Within ten minutes Ricardo had hooked the first..  Fight, I have never seen such a fight.for over an hour we took turns fight ing his beautiful fish.  Four times it broke the surface, jumping high and trying to get free.  Finally Ricardo had him beside the boat and the captains let this huge tarpon free, all six feet and 70 to eighty pounds.

Later in the day Luis Diego and I each caught a couple of very small fish and we decided to cruise inland, up a river for 30 minutes.  It was a beautiful sunny day, warm but clear.  By 2:30PM we were back at the dockside restaurant having a lunch of steak, rice and black beans and fried plantain.  and tomorrow?  Wait and see.