A nice morning breakfast, and I was on the BMW F650GS headed down highway 32 to the Milla 25 farm.  The morning was beautiful and the bike is running perfectly.  I actually love this well sized BMM.

Today Luis Diego is giving Ricardo and me atour of this large and amazing farm.  It is huge and complex and managed by Luis Diego and his beautiful daughter, Jimena.  Jimena is first and foremost a horse breeder and an international horse judge but she is involved with every part of this amazing operation.  A huge African Palm grower, she and Luis Diego supply the resource for African Pam oil.  Literally tens of thousands of trees.  I was amazed.

Citrus, of all kinds, there are hundreds of acres of citrus trees, some that I regularly see and some varieties that are new to me. This is no small citrus operation.  Then there a cattle.  You never ask a rancher how many, but there are a lot.  And of course Jimena's horses.  Some of the best breeds that I have seen. 

Luis Diego, Ricardo and I then visited the African oil extraction plant.  It was a complex but interesting operation.  And I was astonished to learn that Jimena, educated as an industrial engineer, made three trips to Colombia to learn all she could so that she could be one of the leaders in the design of this plant.

Tonight we will have dinner with the Collados and early in the morning, Ricardo and I are pointing the bikes north to Los Chiles on the border with Nicaragua