Ricardo and I are in Los Chiles, right on the northern Costa Rican border.  It is a small town, soon to be a gateway to Nicaragua.  Japan is financing a bridge across the Rio San Juan to Nicaragua.  It is complete and will be in operation within weeks.  Then this small and rather poor town will prosper.  And Me?  I will visit here often.

We fired the bikes up early this morning in Siquerres and headed out Highway 32. Twenty miles later we were at the entrance to EARTH University, a private and highly recognized botanical and environmental school.  Students come from Europe, Africa, Asia and even the Americas.  The grounds were beautiful, astonishingly so.  The two mile entrance was the prettiest ride of this trip.

Then we were off headed to Los Chiles.  The day was beautiful....well, occasionally a rain shower but we managed to stay dry.  A stop at Muelle for ice cream.  And what did we see?  Iguanas, not small ones but some as big as large dogs.  You have to look at our photographs to believe it.  And even a howler monkey high in the trees.  Yes, there is a picture of her also.

Four o'clock in the afternoon brought us to Los Chiles.  We have explored the beautiful Rio Friothis afternoon and visited with several locals.  Our hotel is nice, but not elegant.  Just right for two Adventure Riders.  Dinner?  Arroz con Camarones and papa fritas.  Maybe a desert later.

And tomorrow.  We are headed for San Jose and a weekend visit with old friends.  Maybe a concert or play at the National Theater.  Afterall, my whole life cannot be spent on a moto.