High altitude, winding hairpin turns and rain to spare!  Luis Diego and I were having a great, if wet, ride this morning.  Heading down the curvy road leading from Volcan Poas headed towards Upalla,  all seemed right wnen suddenly bikes raced up beside me motioning me to stop.  Why?  Well, the bike was on fire!

Maybe not the entire bike, but certainly the rear brakes.  It took me ten minutes and two bottles of water to extinguish the flames.  What should we do?  We removed the rear caliper and carefully returned to San Jose.  What a ride, down the winding mountain road with no rear brakes.  Tomorrow we will try to get the bike repaired so Luis Diego and I can ride north.  I did some research tonight on the internet and I found that sticky, hot calipers are a common problem in the 2011 BMW F650GS.  Fires are not uncommon.  It was a first for me.

Luis Diego and I called Ricardo to join us and we had a great dinner at the Restaurante Uruguay.  Since we are grounded we must eat well!