Luis Diego and I mounted our bikes at 7:00 AM.  The skies were clear and the sun was shining.  A great morning for a beautiful ride.  In one hour we arrived in Liberia, a city that I love to visit.  Long ago my father lived in Liberia.  Luis Diego pulled into a nice "open air" restaurant and much to my surprise, it was the same restaurant that Ricardo took me to six years.  That was the day after I first met my close friend and we have now ridden 40,000 or more miles together.

A hearty breakfast and Luis Diego led us off on a beautiful ride over raging rivers, past well groomed farms, all the time keeping me in suspense about the next beautiful town we would visit.  La Fortuna seemed a possibility.  Soon we were in a small cafe enjoying a coffee when a Tico casually mentioned that a mudslide ahead had caused a road closure.  No big problem, Luis Diego knew another road to Upala, but we would miss La Fortunate and the ride past the lakes.

Passing over a small mountain chain, rain clouds quickly formed.  A light shower, then sun, soon another shower.  We could see heavy and strong storms all around us but we managed to stay dry all the way to Upala.  Luis Diego knows this town well, he owns a farm nearby.  Quickly pulling into a nice bakery, we were in for a treat--freshly cooked double chocolate brownies and two cups of Costa Rican coffee.  

Checking into Hotel Wilson, we were delighted to find a new, nicely furnished motel with everything we could desire.  I love it.  A great dinner tonight and to bed early.  We ride in a few hours back to San Jose and lunch with Ricardo and his son Ricky.  Why?  First because I like Ricky but also because he graduates tomorrow from a five year curriculum in Psychology.  Ricardo is very proud of Ricky as he well should be.