On the bikes at 7:00 AM and it is raining.  San Jose is three hundred kilometers and two mountain ranges away and it is steadily raining.  Ricardo always says "You are not made of sugar.  You will not melt".  Well, we are going to find out!

Five hours later Luis Diego and I pulled into Casa de Collado, thoroughly soaked!  Soaked from head to toe, even fully attired in an excellent rain suit.  Steady rain the entire five hours even through the mountains.  It was a beautiful trip, past beautiful farms, seeing the occasional oxcart, Over scores of raging rivers, twisting our way through the tightly winding roads.

Finally we reached San Jose where it had rained hard for hours.  The roads were filled with water and cars, motos, busses and trucks were all fighting for position.  The ride was frighteningly fast, dangerous and furious.  An absolute Moto Stampede.

Luis Diego had urgent business so he soon departed.  Tonight Ricardo and I dined with his son, Ricky and his fiancée Carolina.  It was delightful.  Ricky's Thesis presentation was a success and he and Carolina were happy.  Ricardo took a few photographs of the thesis presentation and the University and I have posted them.

Early Thursday morning Ricardo and I will be on the bikes, headed south to the Italian immigrant town of San Vito.  I think it is about a nine hour ride, even in clear weather.  The challenging part of the ride will be over Cerro de la Muerte, the highest peak on the Pan American Highway.  Cerro de la Muerte, or "the mountain of death" promises to be wet, cold, foggy and thrilling.  Later in the week, Panama!  But for tonight, a hot shower and to bed.