Early morning in San Jose and it was raining.  By 8:00 AM it had cleared and Ricardo and I hopped on our bikes heading south.  Our destination?  The Italian immigrant town of San Vito.  A town settled by Italians sixty or so years ago.  A town known for it's old world charm, Costa Rican beauty and great coffee production.  But Ricardo and me?  We were more interested in a good Italian dinner and maybe the opportunity to see an Italian beauty or two.  And yes, we had the dinner and we saw many beautiful seņoritas but I suspect they were Ticos.

Rain was never far away and we had to don our rain suits as we started the long ride up the "Mountain Of Death".  A beautiful ride but even under clear skies it is challenging.  Tightly winding curves, steep and treacherous inclines and natural beauty all around.  Today there was also cold steady rain, thick fog and the occasional tree down on the road.  The Cerro de la Muerte,over 11,300 at it's peak, is cold year around and often foggy.  Today was no exception.

At 11:30 AM we finally were over the mountain at stopped at San Isidro to walk and relax.  Finally back on our bikes, we headed for San Vito, a delightful town high in the mountains about forty miles north of Panama.  By the time we arrived the rain had stopped, the skies were clear and we were having a ball.  

Tonight we are lodged in the great Hotel El Ceibo, have taken a tour of the city and have dined well.  Tomorrow we expect clear weather for our ride into Panama.  And of course we will be seeing our old friends, Gary Pitts and Jennifer Daniels.