The early high mountain morning was cool, clear and refreshing.  Breakfast was excellent, eggs, fresh orange juice, freshly harvested pineapple and bacon.  Today Ricardo and I had to descend the steep mountain from San Vito to Paso Canoas.  A winding road full of S curves, U curves, even a couple of V curves and six W curves.  The ride is not for the timid or inexperienced.

Last night I learned that the road actually drops over 5000 feet in less than three miles, all 5000 feet through tight curves.  The scenery was breathtaking.  It seemed as if we were in a tropical forest.  After an hour we reached Ciudad Neilly, a small town at the base of the mountain.  And what did we do?  Visited a Funeraria, of course.  I thought I should do some final planning just in case (see today's photographs and you might understand why Ricardo wanted to visit).

Reaching Paso Canoas mid morning, we checked into the nice hotel Los Higuerones.  Soon we had unpacked and were on our way to Panama.  Some tax free shopping awaited and we were meeting old friends.  Dinner was with Gary Pitts and his wife, Jennifer Daniels.  Delightfull company and Jennifer insisted on paying.

Tomorrow we are leaving here and headed back to San Jose.  We will take the coastal road on our return.  The coastal road, past Palmar Sur,  Punta Domenical and Quepos.  A ride running past some of the best surfing beaches in Costa Rica.  Maybe, with luck, we will avoid the rain and fog.