Ricardo will arrive in Texas August 17 and, of course, we will ride......Where?  West Texas for sure, up in the Davis and Guadalupe Mountains.  Certainly down into Mexico......probably to the wine country around Parras De La Fuentes....maybe into New Mexico, I do like the riding around Taos.  It is 100 degrees ferehnheit here in South Texas and I see the nights around Taos are sixty or so.  That sounds better.

Louisiana!  The swamps and bayous, gumbo and crawfish. Maybe even a good étouffée.  And Ricardo speaks Cajun fluently!  I think we will probably head that way in September.  Wayne Weaver might even join us for a "swamp ride".

And Luis Diego?  I'm not sure but I would sure like him to join us.  Maybe Ricardo can persuade him.  The bikes?  We have three ready to run, the two BMWs and a newly purchased cruiser for Ricardo.  A 2012 VStar 950 Tourer with a Vance and Hines exhaust that is extremely loud.  Ricardo will have to ride at least one kilometer behind me with that exhaust.

I will be riding the 2005 BMW.  It is tall and I have only recently been able to mount it.  Why?  A silly problem.  Last fall I fell (not off a motorcycle) and broke my hip in three places.  surgery, two rods and four weeks in the hospital.  But with an excellent surgeon and outstanding therapists, I am "back in the saddle".  I did my first 500 mile ride last week and find myself in good shape to