Where?  Monterrey, A day or so in Saltillo and then on to Parras de la Fuente.  Parras De La Fuente, in the mountains and the heart of the wine Country.  Parras de la Fuente, home to the Madero Winery, the oldest winery in the Americas.  A beautiful area and little known gem!

Ricardo arrived in Corpus Christi Monday afternoon and we were off preparing for our adventure.  Tuesday was spent on the Bay and in the shops.  Wednesday morning and we were off, crossing the border by 11:00 AM.  A frustrating hour at Immigracion and Aduana, a couple of hundred dollars spent and we were on our way.

Three hours later and we were on the autopista around Monterrey..and the temperature? Only 105 degrees ferehnheit,  "May caliente".    Up the high mountains, in and out of rain and by 4:00 PM we were back in Saltillo.  Saltillo, the Capitol of Coahuilla and at one time the Capitol of Tejas.  But then that was before Travis, Houston, John Wayne and the heroic battles at the Alamo, Goliad and San Jacinto.

 A visit to a museum or two, a tour of the city and now we are safely in the beautiful Hotel Colonial San Miguel.Rain it is coming down steadily but it seems just right and so peaceful.  Tomorrow we will be up early and in Parras by noon.