Right now go to my "pictures" and look at the Madero Winery album.  It will show you the most interesting part of our day.  Such an interesting winery and so happy to show us everything.  Ten years ago I met the Winemaker while visiting the Madero Winery.  Today I happened to meet him again.  Both of us 10 years older but just as excited with wine making.

Up early, Ricardo and I visited one of the other wineries in Parras.  Then it was a quick  ride around the area.  Mid morning and we were on a guided tour of the Madero Winery.  Our tour guide, Victor was great.  We were joined by a nice family from Monterrey.  Life is great.  
Later, Ricardo and I took a motorized tour with about ten other people to learn the history of this city.  It was very informative at a cost for both of us of only forty pesos.

Mid afternoon found Ricardo in the cold swimming pool and me relaxing in the hotel courtyard with a book.  Dinner tonight?  Angellettis, where else?  Great Italian and Argentinean foods, locally produced wines, great service and modest prices.  Our kind of place!

Tonight Ricardi is visiting a local Bat Cave where hundreds of bats fly out each night to feast on.  ....I am not sure what.  Maybe Ricardo can tell us later tonight.