Auto Bonn, the BMW dealer here in Cali looked at my bike this morning and told me that they would have no problem making the needed repairs but it would take some time finding the necessary parts.

The bike is now minus the back wheel and the entire driveshaft component and when I left the shop they had all of the parts.  Tomorrow is a holiday in Colombia but they have promised to bring a crew in an the have me out of the shop before noon.  The manager,Gustavo Burbano,  spent a year in Boston so he speaks good English.  I now have an estimate of costs and it is not going to be cheap.  However, the small leak in the driveshaft does concern me and I want it repaired.

We will be departing sometime tomorrow, heading south.  For now, my Canadian friends and I remain in the comfortable and friendly Casa Blanca in beautiful Cali, Columbia