Cool, but not cold.  Cloudy but not rainy.  Our ride from Clovis took us through Fort Sumner (Billy the Kid), Santa Rosa, Las Vegas, NM, into the high mountain towns of La Cuevo and Angel Fire and then into the Enchanted City of Taos.  Taos, home of many free spirits, Native Americans and my old friend, Randt Vigil.  Taos, where young and old gather in the Plaza every Thursday to dance to the music of traveling musicians.  

Taos, home of the historic and sacred Taos Pueblo.  A city known for it's local artists.  Artists, some of whom paint, some of whom restore Early American automobiles, and others who design and craft beautiful silver and turquoise jewelry.  

Both Ricardo and I enjoy visiting this Land of Enchantment.  Dinner tonight consisted of a great local Trujillo Burritto and a snack or two.  Four the next three days we will be housed in the historic Kachina Lodge.  It is a local landmark known for it's Native American Dancers each evening and it's freshly cooked breakfast omolets and hot cakes.