Spanish omelettes for breakfast, a cool brisk but clear morning and Ricardo and I were mounted up a riding off toward Questa and the Kit Carson National Forest.  Up beautiful winding mountain roads, we would eventually reach an altitude of 3300 meters.  Forests and beauty surrounded us.  A few motorcycles were on the road headed south but only the two of us riding north.

A stop in Cuesta and we were off to the old frontier town of Red River.  Having been discovered it has become a popular ski destination.  A town full of time shares, condos and ski lodges, it looks like a fun destination.  The was rocking, fully alive.  On to Eagle Nest and a stop to look at the scenery and we were off to Angel Fire.

Angel Fire, one of the first sky resorts in New Mexico, remains very popular. This weekend the resort was hasting a major bike ride and marathon so the town was filled with athletes, both young and old. Most were housed in tents.  There must have been 700 tents throughout Angel Fire.

Soon we were back in Taos.  Ricardo is out enjoying a walk though Taos Centro and I am doing s one laundry.