Sunday Ricardo and I departed Taos mid morning.  Headed south on Scenic Hwy 518 we were headed to Clovis, NM.  There was someone there that we wanted to visit, David Deaton, someone with whom we had talked with by phont several times but never actually met.
Highway 518 running south to Las Vegas is a beautiful 75 mile run.  Cool and clear, it is a beautiful mountain road running past several ski lodges,  massive forests and swift flowing rivers.  
Five hours "down the road" and we were in Clovis NM sitting in a local restaurant talking with David.  after a short visit, we decided to ride another one hundred mles to Lubbock, TX for the night.  Early Monday morning and we were off on the 450 mile ride to San Antonio. Hot, sunny and dusty, the ride went without a problem. 

But first we had to make a detour.  Why?  to eat some great barbeque and ride at least two of the "Three twisted Sisters".  a favorited motorcycle riding destination near Leakey, TX.  Stopping at Garven's Grocery we ordered one of their famous brisket sandwiches.  great BBQ, well worth the ride but guess what.  Our host soon served us a full platter of freshly BBQ'd ribs.   Ahhhh, it is great to be back in the Texas Hill Country.

Now it is Tuesday morning and Ricardo and I have to visir Cycle Rider in San Antonio.  The Parts Manager, Steve "Dog" Perez has a new tire that has to be mounted on Ricardo's V-Srar. Tonight?  We are not sure,  If we get the tire mounted early we could head to Baffin Bay.