Ricardo and I packed the bikes last night and departed the Bay at 7:00 AM this morning.  Our destination?  The swamps of Louisiana.  We want to see the parts that you don't see from the Interstate.  Where is that?  We really don't know but we will start our search in Beaux Bridge, LA.

We headed north on Hwys 77 and 59 right through Houston.  And if you have ridden with me before, you know I hate to ride through Houston.  The only way to do it, and survive, is to ride about 80MPH in the HOV lane and pray!  Ricardo complains that I am trying to run off and leave him.  Not so!

By 1:00 PM we were through the asphalt jungle and headed east on I-10.  A quick stop for lunch and we were off headed to "coon ass" country.  Clouds, thunder, maybe rain!  Ride fast we don't want to get wet.  I might melt.  Our Immediate destination was the LaQuinta in Sulphur, LA.  And we arrived before 4:00PM.  Maybe a little wet.  We hit rain the last two miles.  Ricardo has already been in the pool and I have read the paper.  Later tonight, a light dinner and tomorrow we will head for the Atchafalaya BasIn.  The fun begins.