The good news is that I did not get sunburned today.  The bad news is that it rained all day. A slow steady rain.  Cold, windy, sometimes foggy, wet and no, we were not having fun.  Our plan had been to relocate to Houma, LA and to explore the rivers and wetlands of far southern Louisiana.  But not in this weather.

Arriving at our hotel in Houma just before lunch Ricardo and I agreed that the bikes were parked for the day.  I suddenly had an idea.  Rent a car and take a ride!  To where?  Don't be silly!  New Orleans and Vieux Carre (French Quarter) is just 77miles up the road.  And the rental car cost less than thirty dollars.  Ricardo was in agreement and soon we were in the warm dry car and off on a "side adventure".

We had a great time taking photographs and just sightseeing.  Now at 9:00PM we are back in our hotel in Houma. Take a look at the photos we posted tonight.  You will see we behaved ourselves.  Tomorrow?  If the weather clears, we will be back on our bikes exploring.