Today did not go as planned!  I was promised the BMW R100GSPD would be fully repaired and ready to depart by 11:00 AM.  Not to be!  The mechanic working on the bike could not get BMW replacement parts, due to today being a holiday.  Instead he got parts that looked similar but were not exactly the same.

By 1:30 PM today it was obvious to me that the liklihood of getting the bike properly repaired in time to depart was unlikely.  My friends and I had already checked out of Hostel Casa Blanca so I urged them to depart without me, but they refused.  Mikkel Thomsen, the owner of Casa had already rented our rooms to other travelers but he found us beds in the open dormitory.

After assembling the driveshaft and putting on the wheel, the mechanic discovered that I no longer had a neutral, or at least my rear wheel turned rapidly when the bike was in neutral.  Three times they tore the bike down and reassembled it.    The manager, Gustavo Burbano stepped in and on the third attempt, the bike seemed to be operating properly.  However, Gustavo has some concern that the repairs are proper but he also said it would probably take three weeks to get the proper BMW replacement parts.  He refused to charge me for the repairs and offered his apologies.  I know his concern is genuine but that will not help me if I develop driveshaft problems in the Andes, in Pantagonia or some other remote place.

After taking a twenty minute test ride, we can detect no leak and everything seems to be working properly.  Tomorrow we plan to depart early heading south to Ecuador.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!  I know I will have mine crossed.