Ricardo and I decided to explore Houma.  If there is anything interesting here, we failed to find it.  Giving upon Houma, we rode the thirtymilesto Morgan City.  Not much there either however we did meet a nice couple, riding (driving) a Slingshot.  They suggested we go on to Patterson, LA and visit the Wedell-Williams Aviation&Cypress Sawmill Museum.  

Finally, something interesting!  This museum provides a view into the golden age of aviation and the roles that Harry Williams and Jimmy Wedell played in the development of speed aviation.  The museum is filled with pristine speed aircraft from the 1920s and thirties.

The Cypress Sawmill Exhibit was educational, explaining the life and times of the cypress sawmill industry.  A slow ride along a bayou brought us back to Houma and our Hotel.  Dinner at Boudreauxs and Thibadeaus was unique and enjoyable.  Ricardo had a Gator dish and I enjoyed a crawfish étouffée.  Tomorrow we plan to point our bikes toward Texas.  We will ride the small winding coastal roads the entire way.  It may be slower but I am sure it will be a lot more fun.