I can still hear your sea winds blowing......she was twenty one when I left Galveston".  Written by Jimmy Webb, first recorded by Don Ho, it was Glen Campbell who made this song a worldwide hit and the official anthem of Galveston, Texas.  And it was this song that I was humming as we rode into Galveston this afternoon.

Leaving Houma at 8:30AM, Ricardo and I rode the southern coastal roads across much of Louisiana and into Texas.  Oil drilling work was prominent all across southern Louisiana.  This has to be the gateway to the off shore drilling taking place in the Gulf. 

 West of Cameron LA we had to take a short ferry (cost $1.) Then  after entering Texas we had to take a much longer ferry ride from Port Bolivar, across Galveston Bay into Galveston.  But this time the ride was free.    Traffic was busy and the line to get on the ferry took almost 90 minutes.  I got sunburned sitting in the sun so long.

Finally arriving in Galveston, we are settled in a nice beachfront hotel and have had a nice dinner.  Ricardo is out exploring Galveston.  As for me, a hot shower and I will settle in with a book and with the sounds of Glen Campbell whirling through my head. 

"before I watch your sea birds flying in the sun
  At Galveston, at Galveston"

And yes, the instrumental and background music was indeed the Wrecking Crew