Ricardo and I enjoyed a good six hour ride yesterday from Galveston to Riviera Beach.  We took the back roads along much of the coast. Through fishing and shrimping towns like Palacios, Port Lavaca and Port Connor, we enjoyed the sights.  Finally arriving home at 3:30PM, our rides for this summer are now memories.

The next day or two will be spent cleaning the two bikes.  And, on this trip, I made the decision to sell the 2005 BMW R1200GS.  I bought this bike in 2011 while Ricardo and I were on another ride.  Gary Waters, now the mayor of Pelham, AL sold it to me at a very fair price.  It has been the best riding bike I have owned and it is in perfect condition.  But having broken my hip last fall, I now have difficulty getting on and off this heavy and tall bike.....could age also have something to do with it?

Have no fear,  I have not forsaken adventure riding.  I just have to replace this bike with something smaller.  Something like the BMW F700GS that suddenly appeared in my bike shop this morning.  Complete with ABS brakes, BMW Vario panniers , a large windscreen, heated grips and being two inches shorter and 120 pounds lighter.......it may just keep me riding for a few years more.

Ricardo is staying with me for a couple of more weeks.  My very close friend....I could not enjoy these adventures without his company and assistance.  This will be my final posting for Summer, 2015.