Thursday morning, just before lunch, my plane landed smoothly at Juan Santamaria International Airport.  Eight minutes and I cleared customs, the fastest ever!  And there to greet me was my close friend, Ricardo Collado. 

Luis Diego is hosting a dinner tonight at his mountain home.  Among the quests will be old friends and Luis son, Chalo. I am anxious to see both.  They are super people and of course, it is Chalo who graciously makes his BBW GS available to me.  

Today Ricardo and I went on a brisk morning mountain ride and I once again found that my riding skills are better on this bike than on the three BMWs that I keep in Texas.  Why three?  Because Chalo and Luis Diego may soon show up to ride again.

And the weather?  Rain each morning and rain each afternoon.  Some days there is even a mid day rain.  Tomorrow we ride with our club, M-14.  Over to a marina near Jaco Beach.  How many bikes?  Probably 50 or so ranging from 250cc Chinese bikes to Harley Ultra Glides.  And the weather forecast?  Rain, what else?  But as Chizo says "we are not made of sugar, we won't melt.

The next two weeks?  Riding up Cerro de la Muerte, the highest point ion the Costa Rican section of the Panamericano, then up to Bataan to the beautiful farms of Luis Diego, a trip to the Atlantic port city, Limon, a city more Caribean than Latin.  Down the coast to the laid back beach town of Puerto Viejo, on down to the border town of  Sixaola, CR.   Once we clear customs, we will head southeast in Panama.  Our destination?  Bocas del Toro,  located on Isla Colon.  Bocas del Toro (the Mouth  of the Bull) consists of nine islands.  How will we cross over to the islands?  We are not sure but certainly not by motorcycle.