Monday's ride east to Luis  Diego's farm was nice, down a long and very curvy road, running through two National Forests.  Suddenly into a long and cool tunnel, both the longest and shortest in Costa Rica (it is the only one).

Leaving San Jose at 9:00 AM, we were at the arm by 12:30.  Luis Diego took us for a tour of the farm, then we were off to Siquerres to by medicine for cattle and to have an early dinner and back at the farm, in bed, by nine.

Today is a busy day.  Luis Diego was up as normal by 4:00 AM.  The horses were saddled by 5:00 and Luis and the workers were off rounding up cattle.  Shots and other medications were must given.  Then the younger cattle will be branded (only by Luis-he is the expert). See photos.

A number of younger cattle are being sold today.  The trucks are here ready to loaded (1see photos).  Money will change hands and tonight we can eat steak!  And tomorrow?  On the bikes by 8:00 AM, then off to the Atlantic port city of Limon.  Limon, a very Caribean type city, mostly inhabited by people of African descent.  Arriving here from Jamaca to work on the banana plantations.  unlike any other Costa Rican city, Limon has a vibe all it's on.

A quick stop and the bikes will be pointed south to Panama.  By nightfall Wednesday we should be on the Atlantic isle of Boca del Toro, a place where neither Ricardo or I have ever visited.  Another Adventure!