Motoclub M14 arrived at Siquerres Saturday by noon Saturday.  Maybe 25 bikes, and another six from a motoclub in Limon. Thirty five people with common passions--travel, motorcycles and barbeque.  And Luis Diego had prepared a feast of meats to be barbequed.  Steak,  pork and chorizo.  I don't think there was any goat or horse but if there was none of the Ticos would tell me. Three hours of fellowship with riders that I have known for a few years.  The day was perfect.

We were all staying at the same nice hotel in Sequirres, Hotel Pacuare.  A very good restaurant that always fixes me desyuna Americano each morning, eggs sunny side up, five slices of thick bacon, freshly squeezed orange juice, toast and great Costa Rican coffee.

This morning I was up early preparing for thr group ride back to San Jose.  Rain, steady rain...Everyone thought the rains would be with the entire trip, but no.  But by 9:00 AM the skies cleared and we were on our bikes headed up the winding mountain roads.  Three hours later and Ricardo and I are back at his home in San Jose.  Dry, safe and happy with a great trip.  So much done in only six days.  A total of three days at the farm, almost three days at Bocas Del Toro, Panama.

Later today Ricardo's children and grandchildren are coming for snacks.  While I know everyone of them, this is the first time that we have all been together at one time. And Wednesday, more festivities, the 88th birthday with the Collado matriarch, Dona Delfina.  There are going to be twenty family members, and one gringo, paying their love to this charming lady.

And right now?  Ricardo and I are watching a NASCAR race,  The AAA Texas 500, from Texas Motor Speedway near Fort Worth, Texas.