Today started with a beautiful ride through the mountains, a late afternoon musical recital at the National Teatro and then a fine dinner at the Grand Hotel of Costa Rica.  The ride was throughrt.  I suggest you take a look at sever some of the most beautiful mountains in Costa Rica.  Past numerous coffee farms,  all super green and full of coffee beans.  Along the way we stopped at a small local restaurant and enjoyed a traditional Costa Rican Lunch.

Late afternoon we took a taxi into the center of San Jose.  First to the National Teatro for an hour of great music, performed by nine highly talented musicians.  The music was nice and the Teatro is amazing.  Constructed in around 1857 the Teatro is a spectacular work of art.  I suggest you take a look at several pictures I posted of this architectural treasure.

Later we visited the Grand Hotel for dinner.  Elegant surroundings, great company, but the food was only mediocre.  By 9:30 pm we were home.

Sarurday will find Ricardo and me dressed in our finest, suits- white shirts and ties.  We have animatorceremony, a formal reception and then a dance.  We are going to be on our best behavior.  This is certainly a change for two simple Moto riders.  I may even post a picture or two so you can see us "in costume".