Yesterday's events were fantastic.  Ricardo and I were accompanied by his mother, Dona Delfina.  Her role was to provide some elegance and class to our group (Luis Diego Romero, Ricardo and me).  We were all dressed in our finest!  We certainly do not look like three Moto riders.  Check our the pictures in the "Costa Rica, Fall 2015 to see us un full dress.

Back home by midnight, I was exhausted.  Today Ricardo has been showing me San Jose, we had brunch at Bay.Denny's and stopped in at Walmart.  It is almost like I was in Texas.  Later today I have to wash the BMW F650GS and ride it up the mountain to Verania, the mountaintop villa of Chalo and Luis Diego Romero.  It is time for this blue caballo to be returned to it's home.

Later, Ricardo and Caryn are coming to visit.  Tonight I must pack and prepare for my return to Baffin Bay.  Tomorrow morning will find me making my way back to the airport.  By midnight Monday I should be back on the Bay.

Once again I urge you to look at the pictures in the two albums, "Costa Rica Fall  2015" and "Bocas Del Toro".  This blog may be boring but the pictures are great!

This will be the last posting for "Costa Rica, Fall 2015".............