Tuesday afternoon my trusted friend, Ricardo Collado, will arrive here on the Bay with another Tico friend, Vivian Avila.  Ricardo and I have explored all of North America, Central America and much of Mexico together.  I have traveled several times with Vivian, but always in Costa Rica.  The one place we have not explored is the Baja Peninsula of Mexico.  We can't let that be.

Thursday we will ride west, about 2276 kilometers west.  Someplace near El Centro, CA, we will make a sharp turn to the south. Sixteen hundred forty seven kilometers down the sand and gravel, along the coasts we will ride into Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur.  What an adventure!  Vivian has no idea what he is going to experience.  But neither do Ricardo and Chuck.

Baja, the second longest peninsula in the world, said to be home of the best seafood in Mexico, known for its's whale sightings, and beautiful beaches.....often stark sandy deserts, bordered on the west by the Pacific and on the east by the Sea of Cortez.  A city or town every two hundred miles....San Felipe, Ensenada, Guerrero  Negro, Mulege, Loreto, La Paz....and at the very tip, the popular resort city of  Cabo San Lucas.

We will leave Baffin Bay Thursday, Ricardo on a V Star 950 Tourer, Vivian on a BMW R1200GS and Chuck on his new BMW F700GS.  Ride along with us...it will be a fun adventure.